It’s Time I Got a New iPhone

My iPhone 6 is doing my head in! It has gotten so slow over the last few weeks no matter what I do to it so seeing as I spend so much time on my phone I have decided I will get myself a new iPhone. There has been so many new releases of the iPhone in the last few years that I don’t even know what is what in terms of spec and price. From what I can see there is the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X? I am not sure what is different about them and to be honest I find the whole shopping for a phone thing a real headache.

My iPhone 6 was working fine but I guess it has just gotten old or maybe I have too much stuff on it. I don’t need a top of the range phone so I have my eye on a iPhone 7. After some looking around online I see that you can get a refurbished version of the phone for a good price so this is what I am thinking. I came across the website which has them and with a 1 year warranty so I guess it is worth a shot!

It says it is also network unlocked which is good because I plan to go to Bali for a month at some stage so that will mean I won’t need to get a new phone over there and sim card. If anyone has had any experiences with refurbished iPhone’s good or bad please leave a comment as I would like to know before buying what they are like? Thanks!

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