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Thinking of getting a hoverboard to commute into town

electric scooter hoverboard

Has anyone else noticed people going in and out of work on these electric scooters in Dublin recently? I have only noticed it the last few weeks and I couldn’t believe the speed that these things go! To be honest the only people I have really seen use them are mostly foreigners so maybe us locals are slow on the up take but I did only really notice them recently. Anyone I have been use them have been using them in the cycle lanes. This makes sense but I am not sure of the legality of this…not that I really care just pointing this out.

After doing a bit of Googling I see that they are treated like a motorbike so you do actually need a license for them….I think. I can’t see this being enforced though I guess it is one of those things where the law is years behind technology. I hate sitting in traffic every morning and evening especially as the days are getting darker. My work place is only a 10 minute cycle so with one of these scooters I could be into work in 10 minutes without hitting any traffic and the stress that comes with.

I do have one of those hoverboards at home somewhere that I got from the two years back and it is great fun but I have never actually gone anywhere on it. But these electric scooters look a bit more serious and convenient. Imagine if a small percentage of the population of Dublin decided to use these as a mode of transport. It would take more people off of the Luas, Dart and buses around town and take more people off of the roads. I think they should be fully encouraged. Maybe there is a stigma over them as they are so new..just like there used to be over online dating and now look..everyone is doing it!


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Following Rob Lipsett and Launching My Own online Store For Bluetooth Headphones

Hey guys! So it has been a while and I am really sorry I have not posted on here in a while. I do most of my posting on instagram now and to be honest this blog has become a bit of a forgotten venture but I am hoping to rekindle this in the next few months and at least update it once a week! I have been inspired by the well known Rob Lipsett who is an Irish Youtuber from Dublin. He has over 300,000 followers on his Instagram and he has loads of sponsors for various fitness products. Like most Youtubers he is big into fitness or should I really say his looks? He recently posted a video of him getting liposuction..firstly he is quite young and secondly why would you be sharing that with the world. This is usually something that is done in private!

Anyway he has inspired me to make this more of a priority as he is getting a lot of big sponsors such as My Protein who sell fitness supplements as well as Audio Ireland who sell Bluetooth headphones. The reason I find him so inspiring is the fact that he is Irish (like me!) so it makes it that bit more of an achievable goal where as sometimes when following US Youtubers they have a completely different style. As you can see in the video above he do much of the same content as the American guys but with a bit more of an Irish twist.

I would love to get sponsors from various make up companies and this is one of my goals with this blog. Also I am going to launch a new Youtube channel to get the ball rolling and start creating content regularly. I am not under the impression that all this will be easy but it sure beats getting an office job! So please stay in touch with this blog and I will post my new channel when it is ready. Peace out.

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