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So I decided to get an electric scooter and here is what I think..

So I have finally decided to jump on the electric scooter bandwagon along with what seems to be every second other person in Dublin. It’s like over night they have popped up everywhere and especially around where I live in the Ballsbridge area. So what do I think of them…are they any good? Well the short answer is yes! I am in love with it! It is so much better than having to drive just 5 or 10 minutes to go see my friends or even just popping down to the shop to pick up a few bits.My only issue is all the media saying that they are illegal so I am a bit paranoid about getting pulled over.


The electric scooter I decided to go for was the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter as that seems to be the most popular online judging by the reviews. It is pretty fast but it did take me a while to get the hang of it so I don’t recommend going to fast on it at the start. After an hour or so of playing around with it I was a pro at it. I have mainly just used it to go down the road to my friends house in the evening so haven’t had a proper go of it yet and I haven’t gone full speed on it just yet.

Do I think they are worth it? Definitely if you are just going on a short commute It is so much easier than having to get in the car and deal with traffic especially in built up areas like I am living in. I think they are pretty dangerous especially if you are not use to them so definitely wear a helmet and make sure you get some lights too. Mine has lights but they are not that great. Oh yeah and for anyone who is interested I got my electric scooter at escooterstore so check them out if you have any interest as they are based in Dublin.

My Youtube Channel Is Nearly Ready

Hey guys! So what a crazy few days! Not only have I been getting ready things ready for my new business I also took a few days off to visit some friends in Dublin and what a night it was. We stayed up until all hours to watch the Mcgregor Khabib UFC 229 fight and it was a great night even though Mcgregor was well beaten in the fight. The fight lasted 4 rounds out of 5 as championship fights are always 5 rounds with standard fights lasting 3 rounds.

It felt like the whole world was watching that fight and the lead up was crazy. There was very little media stuff done other than the main press conference up until a few days before when there was content from various Youtube channels popping up all over the place. Coach Owen Roddy has his own vlogs as well as UFC embedded which follows the fighters around for the week. I took a fight notes on how to shoot a good vlog and the editing all those channels is very good especially considering they need to get the content out asap.

By the time fight night came I was totally buzzing for the fight. Mcgregor talked a lot of thrash before this fight…more so than usual so he really needed to back it up but unfortunately Khabib is a very good grappler and there was not a whole he could do once he was taken down. After the fight it was crazy with brawls happening in the crowd between Irish and Russian fans which is a pity as it brings the sport down. We had a great night though. My friend purchased the PPV off the official UFC app and we watched it on his android box from and we all chipped in €5 each so it was a great night. All these embedded series have really inspired me to start my own Youtube channel. I am just waiting on some graphics for the channel page and then I can begin!

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For My Followers in Australia – Have You Tried an Andoird Box?

android boxFor the Irish people abroad that are interested in watching the Irish channels you can apparently use an android tv box to watch Irish channels and this be purchased from an Irish business at Movies lovers are all around the world and people are ready to pass any leaps and bounds just to watch their favorite shows or their actors.The craze of movies and shows never seems to end and the people have developed lots of mediums to watch their favorites today. The TV screens have changed their modules in these years and have transformed from one to another in no time. And with them, the respective TV boxes also have changed for the easy access and the superior quality for the people.

If we talk about the newly launched Android Boxes, then we are very much sure that you are missing out on something very crucial in your life if you don’t have one at your place. The features the android box can help with is no one in the industry have ever been up to. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. The best part with these features is that you do not have to wait or close your programs if you need to browse and see the match scores. As you can pause your favorite show and open your browser to see the cricket or football scores.

2. While you are away, you can still save your favorite shows and movies and watch them once you are back.

3. These Android boxes ought to have automatic updating feature which you can of course takes into consideration and it can be a real fun for your child who wants to enjoy the games via downloading them and playing them over. Just imagine your child’s happiness playing angry bird on the big screen.

4. Android boxes have made the dream come true for many people like you can now play directly through your mobile phone and connect them to your android boxes while playing your playlist or movies directly from your home theater loudspeakers.

5. These android boxes do come with an audio output and some have even optical audio output with them. So, you don’t need to worry about watching the newest releases at home as you can enjoy them on the big screen with the best audio systems.

6. Now you do not need to worry about the subscriptions as well as you can have the affordable access to your android boxes with many software’s as well. They have been one of the best in the industry and have served them well, they have proved in the mobiles and now the boxes have their turn. They will surely take a leap as they have everything which everyone is looking ahead to. So, do have the subscription of an android box and go ahead with the time.

If we talk about technology, configuration, display or the audio output these audio boxes are the best in all. So, you never need to worry about them at all as you will have the best system at home which is an upgraded as well as can take your entertainment to the different heights with your favorite shows and movies.

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