Day: October 9, 2018

My Youtube Channel Is Nearly Ready

Hey guys! So what a crazy few days! Not only have I been getting ready things ready for my new business I also took a few days off to visit some friends in Dublin and what a night it was. We stayed up until all hours to watch the Mcgregor Khabib UFC 229 fight and it was a great night even though Mcgregor was well beaten in the fight. The fight lasted 4 rounds out of 5 as championship fights are always 5 rounds with standard fights lasting 3 rounds.

It felt like the whole world was watching that fight and the lead up was crazy. There was very little media stuff done other than the main press conference up until a few days before when there was content from various Youtube channels popping up all over the place. Coach Owen Roddy has his own vlogs as well as UFC embedded which follows the fighters around for the week. I took a fight notes on how to shoot a good vlog and the editing all those channels is very good especially considering they need to get the content out asap.

By the time fight night came I was totally buzzing for the fight. Mcgregor talked a lot of thrash before this fight…more so than usual so he really needed to back it up but unfortunately Khabib is a very good grappler and there was not a whole he could do once he was taken down. After the fight it was crazy with brawls happening in the crowd between Irish and Russian fans which is a pity as it brings the sport down. We had a great night though. My friend purchased the PPV off the official UFC app and we watched it on his android box from and we all chipped in €5 each so it was a great night. All these embedded series have really inspired me to start my own Youtube channel. I am just waiting on some graphics for the channel page and then I can begin!

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