Month: October 2018

It’s Time I Got a New iPhone

My iPhone 6 is doing my head in! It has gotten so slow over the last few weeks no matter what I do to it so seeing as I spend so much time on my phone I have decided I will get myself a new iPhone. There has been so many new releases of the iPhone in the last few years that I don’t even know what is what in terms of spec and price. From what I can see there is the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X? I am not sure what is different about them and to be honest I find the whole shopping for a phone thing a real headache.

My iPhone 6 was working fine but I guess it has just gotten old or maybe I have too much stuff on it. I don’t need a top of the range phone so I have my eye on a iPhone 7. After some looking around online I see that you can get a refurbished version of the phone for a good price so this is what I am thinking. I came across the website which has them and with a 1 year warranty so I guess it is worth a shot!

It says it is also network unlocked which is good because I plan to go to Bali for a month at some stage so that will mean I won’t need to get a new phone over there and sim card. If anyone has had any experiences with refurbished iPhone’s good or bad please leave a comment as I would like to know before buying what they are like? Thanks!

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Thinking of getting a hoverboard to commute into town

electric scooter hoverboard

Has anyone else noticed people going in and out of work on these electric scooters in Dublin recently? I have only noticed it the last few weeks and I couldn’t believe the speed that these things go! To be honest the only people I have really seen use them are mostly foreigners so maybe us locals are slow on the up take but I did only really notice them recently. Anyone I have been use them have been using them in the cycle lanes. This makes sense but I am not sure of the legality of this…not that I really care just pointing this out.

After doing a bit of Googling I see that they are treated like a motorbike so you do actually need a license for them….I think. I can’t see this being enforced though I guess it is one of those things where the law is years behind technology. I hate sitting in traffic every morning and evening especially as the days are getting darker. My work place is only a 10 minute cycle so with one of these scooters I could be into work in 10 minutes without hitting any traffic and the stress that comes with.

I do have one of those hoverboards at home somewhere that I got from the two years back and it is great fun but I have never actually gone anywhere on it. But these electric scooters look a bit more serious and convenient. Imagine if a small percentage of the population of Dublin decided to use these as a mode of transport. It would take more people off of the Luas, Dart and buses around town and take more people off of the roads. I think they should be fully encouraged. Maybe there is a stigma over them as they are so new..just like there used to be over online dating and now look..everyone is doing it!


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My Youtube Channel Is Nearly Ready

Hey guys! So what a crazy few days! Not only have I been getting ready things ready for my new business I also took a few days off to visit some friends in Dublin and what a night it was. We stayed up until all hours to watch the Mcgregor Khabib UFC 229 fight and it was a great night even though Mcgregor was well beaten in the fight. The fight lasted 4 rounds out of 5 as championship fights are always 5 rounds with standard fights lasting 3 rounds.

It felt like the whole world was watching that fight and the lead up was crazy. There was very little media stuff done other than the main press conference up until a few days before when there was content from various Youtube channels popping up all over the place. Coach Owen Roddy has his own vlogs as well as UFC embedded which follows the fighters around for the week. I took a fight notes on how to shoot a good vlog and the editing all those channels is very good especially considering they need to get the content out asap.

By the time fight night came I was totally buzzing for the fight. Mcgregor talked a lot of thrash before this fight…more so than usual so he really needed to back it up but unfortunately Khabib is a very good grappler and there was not a whole he could do once he was taken down. After the fight it was crazy with brawls happening in the crowd between Irish and Russian fans which is a pity as it brings the sport down. We had a great night though. My friend purchased the PPV off the official UFC app and we watched it on his android box from and we all chipped in €5 each so it was a great night. All these embedded series have really inspired me to start my own Youtube channel. I am just waiting on some graphics for the channel page and then I can begin!

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