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Best Android TV Box 2017 Guide for Irish abroad

android tv box

Shopping for an android TV box can be stressful work. It seems like everyone is offering the perfect box but what is the big difference between them all and what are the things to look out for? One obvious point to make is that it depends on what you are looking for the android box to do before deciding which one is best. There is now a huge range in the market of these boxes. If you just want to use an app like Kodi then most boxes will run this but you will need some decent hardware to run it without any issues. If you are looking for something to stream movies from amazon prime then perhaps the amazon firestick is the device to go for.

Some things to look out for when getting an android box though no matter what you need it for are the following. You will need some good random access memory. DDR3 is the most up to date random access memory so make sure any box you are checking out has this. Also a quad core processor is recommended so that your android box is quick enough and powerful enough to handle whatever processes you will need it to do. If you are using an old television then you will possibly only be able to use an AV cable so make sure your android box has an AV output.

There are a range of very good boxes at the moment including the Nvidia shield and the minix Neo which we will talk about in another post but to be honest the generic boxes like the “Q Box” have the exact same spec as these and are about half the price so that is also worth noting. Companies like sell a range of branded and unbranded android boxes so it is worth taking a look at both ranges and make your own decision on this.



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