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Best Android TV Box 2017 Guide for Irish abroad

android tv box

Shopping for an android TV box can be stressful work. It seems like everyone is offering the perfect box but what is the big difference between them all and what are the things to look out for? One obvious point to make is that it depends on what you are looking for the android box to do before deciding which one is best. There is now a huge range in the market of these boxes. If you just want to use an app like Kodi then most boxes will run this but you will need some decent hardware to run it without any issues. If you are looking for something to stream movies from amazon prime then perhaps the amazon firestick is the device to go for.

Some things to look out for when getting an android box though no matter what you need it for are the following. You will need some good random access memory. DDR3 is the most up to date random access memory so make sure any box you are checking out has this. Also a quad core processor is recommended so that your android box is quick enough and powerful enough to handle whatever processes you will need it to do. If you are using an old television then you will possibly only be able to use an AV cable so make sure your android box has an AV output.

There are a range of very good boxes at the moment including the Nvidia shield and the minix Neo which we will talk about in another post but to be honest the generic boxes like the “Q Box” have the exact same spec as these and are about half the price so that is also worth noting. Companies like sell a range of branded and unbranded android boxes so it is worth taking a look at both ranges and make your own decision on this.



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Thank Goodness for Teeth Whitening Strips

teeth whitening strips ireland

I have finally gotten around to test out teeth whitening strips which I have been meaning to try for quite a while. I take good care of my teeth and brush twice a day most days but I also drink a lot of tea and coffee which have stained my teeth. My friend who works in dentistry recommended me teeth whitening strips to me as a low cost alternative to getting my teeth professionally whitened. So I had a look online and found a site called who sell them at a really good price at €29.00 for two weeks worth of strips. I went for their own brand as the reviews are good and they are almost half the price of the Crest whitening strips which are also supposed to be good but a little on the expensive side.

Teeth whitening strips work by applying them for about 30 minutes before bed each night. They stick on to your teeth and are not that uncomfortable to have on and you can even eat and drink on them. I started to see results after about 4 or 5 days and I done the two weeks worth of strips in about 18 days as I missed a few days when I was out at the weekends as I would forget to pub them in before bed. All in all they have definitely made a difference to my teeth and I will continue to use them for the time being. It is important to note that these are not a substitute for brushing your teeth and mouth hygiene is obviously very important and not only that but can also cost you a fortune if you need to have a root canal or other expensive operations on your teeth. So be sure to keep brushing your teeth but for those of you who want to whiten your teeth more these are definitely an affordable and good option to take.



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How I stopped paying expensive monthly TV bills with a dreambox!

dreamboxHow to get rid of from the paying television bills

In a modern world many of the people are facing constant problems in paying television bills because it is the quiet cost effective one. Most of the people are looking to get rid of from the television bills then it is requiring the combo box. At the same time people are willing to buy the dreambox. It is the dream multimedia company which is making the satellite box and it is the branded name. As everyone knows dreambox is the DVB receiving organization that is grounded on the Linux. In fact it is created by the German multimedia receiver and it is having a facility to access on the pc.

Amazing and excellent features in the dreambox

Dreambox is the operating system and with the help of the dreambox people can surf in online and they can also watch or hear the music or albums. It is the DTH set up box and it is classified as the three basic models which is including

  • Cable

  • Satellite

  • Terrestrial

Actually this company is developing the vast numbers of the models and these kinds of the models are ending with the –S means then it is the satellite models. In case it is ending with the –T therefore it is belonging to the terrestrial models. As well as it ends with the –C then it is also known as the cable models. There are a wide range of dreamboxes available from companies like

DM 5620

Dreambox 500

  • DM 7025

    DM 7000

One of the studies says that dreambox 500 is releasing in the year of 2005 and it is the tiny DTH set up box. It is the demanding or popular models and it is working in the open source software. In fact it is completely compile the data. DM 500-s is the satellite based model and it is formulated by the more than hundreds of the programmers. Basically it is supporting the 32 mega byte ram and it is the best and fastest satellite receiver across the world.

An excellent guide for buying dreambox

Basically dreambox is the nifty setup box and it could be used for the DVB satellite, cable tv signal reception and terrestrial. It is offering the excellent picture quality like HD quality and it is perfect choice for wide range of applications. If you are looking to buy this receiver then you should consider about the certain factor. Once you are looking to install the dreambox then you need a tablet, modem cable. In a present world many of the people are willing to buy this receiver because it is offering vast numbers of the benefits. The Linux operating system is making the unique dreambox and it is totally supporting the wireless radio. People can watch the unlimited channels in the dreambox. Dreambox is one of the best ways to save your money and effort because it is providing the numerous numbers of the benefits. With the help of dreambox people might also play their desired games.

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Why you should buy a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone can be purchased from various sources including These sources include Apple, phone companies, used sellers, and online portals. When you are buying a refurbished iPhone, you should be aware of the features that you will sacrifice. It is possible to get a phone in perfectly working condition at just 50% of the actual cost. There are possibilities to get a used phone with extended guarantee as well.

If you cannot afford the latest iPhone, you can go for a refurbished phone sold by a reputed vendor. Some phones are returned by customers for repairs. iPhones will be exchanged by customers for upgrades or while purchasing the latest model in the market. Some companies sell and buy used iPhones. Users can take advantage of protection plan and quality guarantee as well. In addition to attractive pricing, there will be number of benefits.

refurbished iphoneThe refurbished iPhone will be fixed to the original factory specifications. After the completion of the refurbishing process, the phone will perform in a normal way. manufacturing companies will go through the components and they will replace or repair worn out parts. Thus, refurbished iPhones are released into the market with reasonable warranty. There will not be any performance issues. While refurbishing the product, factory errors will be detected and they will be eliminated.

When you buy a refurbished iPhone, you will not only contribute the protection of the environment, you will also be able to purchase the latest model at best price. Even though you cannot afford the brand new iPhone available in the market, you will be able to possess it at half the actual price.

You will not want to execute a new contract by purchasing a refurbished iPhone. Thus, there are many benefits associated with the refurbished iPhone.

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For My Followers in Australia – Have You Tried an Andoird Box?

android boxFor the Irish people abroad that are interested in watching the Irish channels you can apparently use an android tv box to watch Irish channels and this be purchased from an Irish business at Movies lovers are all around the world and people are ready to pass any leaps and bounds just to watch their favorite shows or their actors.The craze of movies and shows never seems to end and the people have developed lots of mediums to watch their favorites today. The TV screens have changed their modules in these years and have transformed from one to another in no time. And with them, the respective TV boxes also have changed for the easy access and the superior quality for the people.

If we talk about the newly launched Android Boxes, then we are very much sure that you are missing out on something very crucial in your life if you don’t have one at your place. The features the android box can help with is no one in the industry have ever been up to. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. The best part with these features is that you do not have to wait or close your programs if you need to browse and see the match scores. As you can pause your favorite show and open your browser to see the cricket or football scores.

2. While you are away, you can still save your favorite shows and movies and watch them once you are back.

3. These Android boxes ought to have automatic updating feature which you can of course takes into consideration and it can be a real fun for your child who wants to enjoy the games via downloading them and playing them over. Just imagine your child’s happiness playing angry bird on the big screen.

4. Android boxes have made the dream come true for many people like you can now play directly through your mobile phone and connect them to your android boxes while playing your playlist or movies directly from your home theater loudspeakers.

5. These android boxes do come with an audio output and some have even optical audio output with them. So, you don’t need to worry about watching the newest releases at home as you can enjoy them on the big screen with the best audio systems.

6. Now you do not need to worry about the subscriptions as well as you can have the affordable access to your android boxes with many software’s as well. They have been one of the best in the industry and have served them well, they have proved in the mobiles and now the boxes have their turn. They will surely take a leap as they have everything which everyone is looking ahead to. So, do have the subscription of an android box and go ahead with the time.

If we talk about technology, configuration, display or the audio output these audio boxes are the best in all. So, you never need to worry about them at all as you will have the best system at home which is an upgraded as well as can take your entertainment to the different heights with your favorite shows and movies.

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